“Nothing Suits Me like A Suit”

Here at SuitsMen everything we do, think and say revolves around menswear and suits. Whether it’s the material that we need to use, the detailing we want to put on our new bespoke suits, or a new style that we think would be fantastic for our site. We think a lot about suits.

So when I was relaxing at home last week watching one of my favourite comedies on television, it amazingly turned out to be all about suits! And the next day I just had to show my colleagues what I had seen. The best ‘Suit Song’ I have ever heard.

Firstly before I show you the song, a little background information about the character needs to be explained.

Barney is a businessman who works for a large banking company. Everything he does and everywhere he goes he has to ‘suit up’ as this is his way of life. He believes everything is better when you are wearing a suit. (We at SuitsMen agree)

During this episode, a girl turns him down for a date due to his suit, so he changes to a t-shirt and jeans to show his life is not all about suits. When asked to choose between Suits and his date, Barney’s dilemma begins…

As shown throughout the song, a suit can brighten up your day, make you feel amazing and make you stand out from the crowd.

So here at SuitsMen and Rupert the Tailor, we will find you the perfect suit!

Especially with our Made to Measure Range now being available, you can have any suit you want. With any detailing, any lining colour from our selections and even your name or special saying monogrammed on the inside!

If you need one slightly sooner than the 3 week wait for a Made to Measure, we do have our Ready to Wear range, with colours and styles to suit every occasion. Take a look at our machine washable suits here, they make a perfect wedding suit for the groom.

Don’t forget you can also call us on 01335 361287 or email us here if you have any more questions or queries.

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As Barney Says…

“Nothing Suits you like a Suit”

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