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 Rupert The Tailor

The time has come for Rupert The Tailor to expand out on its own. After being tried and tested on the other half of the site and being popular, we have decided that it deserves to have its own website, where we can display all of the fantastic made to measure pieces we have to offer.

We have come up with a unique design for the website, where we have made it as clear and as simple as possible. This not only makes it easy for you to shop, it makes it a pleasant experience, that doesn’t confuse or bombard you with a large amount of items.


We have expanded our clothing range from the items available on the trial Rupert The Tailor site, we now have more colours, styles and materials to choose from!



We are doing everything on Rupert The Tailor to make sure that you get the suit, jacket, trousers or shirt that you want. So if you can’t see your perfect suit, or there is a personalisation you can’t find, or a colour that isn’t just quite right then call us on 01335 361287


We have lots of other options available and we can do anything that you want, as your order is made for YOU.


Ferrari Red Elton Suit
Ferrari Red Elton Suit


We have over 100 colours for some of the suits, so not all of these are going to be displayed online.


We also have FREE swatches available for most of the fabrics we have, including the linings. You can get hold of these by calling us, or ordering (it’s just like placing a normal order), this gives you the chance to feel the fabric, see the colour and determine if it is the right one for you before you buy from the website.


Designs and Styles

We have tried to cover every occasion, outing and style of suit, trouser and jacket without going completely over the top. So we have created the most important ones. We have the traditional formal styles, the fantastically comfortable and hard wearing business style suits, the styles for the hotter climates and the popular casual corduroy.


Churchill Double Breasted Dinner Suit
Churchill Double Breasted Dinner Suit


Not forgetting our shirts which are fantastic, with 100% cotton and every style and detail you could want. Now don’t panic, all of our shirts are designed in a simple but stylish way, and if you want to add extra pockets, change the cuffs and alter it to your own taste, then you can do this for FREE is our personalisation stage. (See below for more details on personalisation)



All of our garments are designed in a simple and traditional style, but if you want to add certain aspects then you can do! It’s entirely up to you!


We have a large variety of FREE personalisation available for you to have a look through to make your perfect garment with. This could be by adding belt loops to the trousers you have selected, or making your jacket have working cuffs so you can roll them up. We can make your shirt have double or single cuffs, and you can even add a monogram to any jacket or shirt. This makes your item completely personal to you! Whether it’s a name or a special date, a monogram is a truly personal touch.


We don’t charge for every single little extra that you want to add to your items, we include everything in the prices. The only extra is for a monogram on a shirt. That is all.


Pelham Nehru Suit
Pelham Nehru Suit



We have created a very simple and clear measurement guide on the website, this tells you exactly what to do, how to measure and where to measure to ensure that you get the correct measurements.


We need every measurement we ask for on the website, they are all important in calculating other measurements and dimensions that we don’t ask for.


So even if you are only buying a pair of trousers, please enter your correct height and chest measurements – every extra measurement our tailor can get means that they can make your items more specifically to you and can ensure they will fit.


Delivery and Alterations

Delivery takes up to 4 weeks from placing the order and is FREE within the UK. For deliveries abroad, there will be an extra delivery cost.


If you receive your item and it doesn’t quite fit, then we will do everything we can to ensure you have the perfect suit, whether this is doing the alterations or remaking you the suit entirely.


If you follow the measurement guide correctly your garments will fit you perfectly, so there is no need to worry about this!


Franklin Morning Suit
Franklin Morning Suit


Everything Else

So that is Rupert The Tailor, please take a look at the website and see what you think. Don’t forget to call us if you want something that isn’t online – just because it’s not displayed doesn’t mean it’s not possible!

If you have any other questions or queries please call us on 01335 361287, contact us here, or visit our Facebook Page and Twitter site.

We have also created a Pinterest Board now which displays much of our RTT items as well as items we think are great for fashion as well as style!!

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