The SuitsMen Autumn Sale!

There are plenty of fantastic offers on including Suits, Jackets, Trousers and Accessories. You will find something to suit you. (Excuse the pun)

Many of our special offers are not broadcasted, so it is worth keeping an eye on the website and our blog site to find out what is on offer and when.

Keeping a look out on our Facebook and Twitter accounts for these offers is a good idea too, as they will be posted about. New products will also appear there, along with information about new ideas and photo shoot photos.

So to help you out in finding some of our best offers, I am going to put a little piece about them and a link to them below.

Everyone needs a suit. Whether its for a family occasion, work or even an interview. Whether you prefer mens black suits or a grey suit, having a good suit is a must.

Everyday Wear
Skopes Olso Suit
This is a fantastic everyday Suit, which is hard wearing and comfortable. With a matching waistcoat it makes the perfect 3 piece suit and is available at an amazing price!!

Skopes Oslo Suit
Skopes Oslo Suit

Excelsior Washable Suit 3000
This is great for the traveller, and with it being a machine washable suit it means no more trips to the dry cleaner! A great 2 piece suit in a contemporary style.

One of our best sellers is the Madrid Tailored Suit by Skopes which is a stunning suit at a very good price. Also check out our Skopes jackets here.

Brook Taverner Imola Suit
This suit is available in 5 colours and is perfect for the office. A wool poly mix with an added bit of lycra makes it a comfortable suit to be wearing all day.

Masonic Occasions
Brook Taverner Masonic Suit
A Fantastic plain black Jacket with striped grey and black Trousers, and to add to great offer you can also get the waistcoat for free! The ultimate Masonic Suit offer!

Brook Taverner Masonic Suit
Brook Taverner Masonic Suit

Masonic Suit by Scott
Another fantastic masonic suit offer, with a 100% Wool Herringbone Jacket with striped morning trousers, there is also a matching waistcoat available for 50% off.

Dinner Suits
Skopes Monaco Tuxedo
A stunning white Tuxedo with black dinner trousers, perfect for any special occasion.

Skopes Monaco Tuxedo
Skopes Monaco Tuxedo

Fashion Dinner Suit
The perfect Dinner Suit for any formal occasion, with satin stripes in all the right places, this is a perfectly priced suit.

Don’t forget there are plenty more offers on the website, so take a look at the Trousers and Jackets, not forgetting the accessories.

Also check out our Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest Sites for updates, photos and new information.

If you have any questions or queries don’t hesitate to contact us on 01335 361287 or email us here. You can always use the live chat on the website as well as leaving us messages on the social networking sites.

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