Its all kicking off this summer.

With 2014 well underway, wedding season and the world cup have arrived almost completely hand in hand! So whether you’re looking to support a friend, or your favourite team, we can help you look your best. With many new suit styles and fabrics to choose from the possibilities are truly endless. We even have Union Jack lining fabric and buttons available for the patriotic customers who shop with us.

The Redmond jacket is a particular favourite here in the office, inspired by former British athlete Derek Redmond who kindly modeled it for us.

The velvet trim adds a timeless and almost Teddy boy look, with a single breasted cut ensuring a flattering fit for all body types. The jacket is made up of a versatile fabric with added lyrcra to ensure the jacket holds its shape throughout the day.

Derek Redmond- Showing off the Redmond blazer to full effect. This particular blazer is available in a wide range of colours.
This blazer is available with a Union Jack lining, as shown above.

However for those of you with a more serious sense of style, we would highly recommend the Ascot Executive suit. With a single breasted Jacket, once again it is sure to flatter any figure and the double vents at the back allow for ease of movement. It is a two buttoned business style suit that is smart enough to fit into pretty much any occasion, and will a very neutral choice of colours, it will also allow for very personalized accessory choice. The suit is two piece however a matching waistcoat and could also be used as a wedding suit.

Mark at Langley Priory 080
The Ascot executive in light grey.

Mark at Langley Priory 086

Whatever the occasion we at the office are sure our customers will find something that meets their own personal taste. There are many mens suits available on our websites, in wide ranges of colours and the option to personalize them so we are sure you will find your perfect summer suit.

Our range has even been expanded to include lots of exciting new products and ideas, for a full view visit .

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