Suits to fit the sporting man

When it comes to looking good and keeping fit, we here at appreciate that the hard work happens in the gym or the pool and out on the track (and believe me when I say we all know this through keeping fit ourselves!). As a result of pumping iron and breaking a sweat you may find buying a shirt, or suit that fits you a little more difficult than before. For those of you who lift, the shoulders and sleeves may become a little tighter and for many people loosing weight or changing shape tends to cause all manner of issues when buying clothes off the peg! So we have created a range of suits to fit all men, that will flatter anyone from a boxer to a golfer. With our made to measure service the only thing you need to worry about is choosing how to personalize your new purchase.

The Madrid Tailored Suit is one of our favourites with its classic sharp lines and straight fit the suit emphasizes the shoulder to waist ratio of the wearer ensuring they stay looking lean. The centre vent in the back of the jacket allows for a flattering fit around the buttocks and creates a well balanced look in the jacket. It is available in various colours.




This grey suit is available as a two or three piece.



Many customers also agree with us on this suit.

Another recommendation would be the Otley Single Breasted Blazer which is perfect for both formal and casual wear, in navy blue this jacket will compliment most other colours and at the same time, will go well whichever flat front or pleated trousers you choose.









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