An Exciting time at Rupert The Tailor

I have never put myself up for an award before.  My business is about customers, and my customers know how I try to look after them, and their commendations have always been enough.  so going in for two this year, is a bit of an over kill, and to be nominated for them both, is very exciting!

The first is the British Bridal Buyer  Awards, which are presented in September.  We are very much new to this industry, and the whole Bridal market is largely unknown to us.  This is very exciting, and while I know Spending £400 to £500 on a wedding suit is not for everyone, it is lovely to see that there are still plenty of men out there who do enjoy looking and therefore feeling smart, and want to look their very best on the day.


This will be judged by people from the industry, so is very important.

The Second is our nomination for the Perfect Wedding Awards.  Well how can you have a perfect wedding without a perfectly dressed Groom?  And while there are still a few tailors out there that do a fantastic job making traditional clothing, the number who will do something a little different are few and far between. And that is why we had to enter. Take a look at some of our mens wedding suits and see whether you like them.


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