Win A Suit for your Wedding Competition

We have just launched a competition… well a give-away really.  We are giving away a wedding suit to a groom  for his wedding.  To enter, all you have to do is answer a few simple questions. The choice for you is any style, and any size and any colour. So which will you go for?

We are trying to learn a little more about what people want in a suit for their wedding. There is a feeling in the trade that most people want to be married wearing a black suit, a grey suit or a navy suit. And while I understand that, I do wonder if it is possibly because that is what is available, and it then takes a brave couple to say : “No, we want to be different!”

Getting your suits sorted is one thing, sorting out the wedding entertainment and everything else that needs takes a lot of planning.

Personally I am very excited to see the outcome of our suit competition. I will put my head above the parapet now, and say that I dont think most of our entrants will want Black Navy or Grey.  If people go for Grey, I predict it will be a light grey. Black, no.  Navy, perhaps a few.

So, what will you wear?

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