Help is at hand to make your man look as good as you Deserve

British menswear designer Patrick Grant states that British Men are becoming to “Scuffy” and the feeling is most woman agree.

It was not so many years ago that people associated London with well dressed men wearing perfectly fitted flannel suits, striding through the streets wearing bowler hats and carrying umbrellas.

Maybe we don’t need the bowler hats today, but men can go still go to the office or out with partners and friends looking and feeling great.

Here at Rupert the Tailor we are on a mission to work with the frustrated wife’s and girlfriends of those men out there and “ you know who you are “ to provide you with an outfit that fits your perfectly, is in a colour you love and a style that makes you feel great.

The comment we hear most from ladies buying suits with their partners is that they can never find something that fits them just right, this is where a Rupert the Tailor bespoke mens suit can really make the difference in smartening up the man in your life.

Let him have a suit that he feels great in, is the perfect colour and reflects his personal style, if you he feels great in it, then he WILL wear it.

Let’s work together ladies of Britain to smarten up that man in your life, let’s make British men look and feel great again and bring back the vision of superbly tailored men striding the streets of your town soon.


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