Sneak Preview of the Outfit Designer

I share this with you, as I am very excited about what we are doing. We have a plan to make an outfit designer, so that you can put your trousers, jacket and waistcoat together, to see how they look.  We do of course have swatches of all fabrics available for you to see too.

 This is just one idea of the colours you can design. Already, in playing with the development tool,  I am able to create smart outfits that just look right, that I had never thought would work before!  So, for the sartorial amongst you, watch this space! outfit designerAnd if you have ideas of cool features you would like to see, let me know.

We are planning to let you change the look, as well as the colours, and are particularly excited about how this will combine with the fashion fabrics we use, to make anything from a country look, to a European look.

You will be able to paint the picture as you like. See for example how easy it is to match pockets to a waistcoat, adding depth to an outfit that you can only buy here.

Adding peaked lapels to a single breasted jacket, I think shows a degree of independence , and the classic deep red looks stunning.

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