Are you the colourful type?

As previewed on our last posting we are busily putting the finishing touches to our new outfit designer website.  You will be firmly in charge of your creation and will be able to see your masterpiece taking shape on screen.   There will be lots of material options including tweed, corduroy and velvet.   But above all there will be lots of COLOURS to choose from ….so you can let your imagination run wild.   Don’t get us wrong, blacks, browns and greys all have their important role to play but sometimes a little colour, or for some a lot of colour, is just the tonic to brighten up the day. A grey suit can look colourful if you wear it with the right shirt, tie and shoes. So start getting your ideas together, get practising with the tape measure (or get a friend to help!) and we will let you know when you can start creating on our new website.  Let’s make 2015 a bright and colourful year.

P.S  There are already a range of colourful trousers available on Rupert the Tailor ….the Julian Cruise Trouser is available in over 90 colours …so plan to make a statement on Christmas Day – bright red for the festive season?  Or maybe a more subtle ‘holly’ green? In addition waistcoats are available in a multitude of colours such as Dark Olive or Ferrari Red.  For New Years – let your imagination run riot!

Be bold, Be brave, Be colourful.

Tissington Party Waistcoat Back View in Purple
Tissington Party Waistcoat Back View in Purple

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