Choosing a Suit for the Larger Man

Chances are that as a big-boned man you’ve been subjected to all sorts of ‘miraculous’ advice over the years as to how to dress, but so often there are conflicting ideas and confusing contradictions. When it comes to choosing large mens suits whether that is for those of us who have a beer belly, broad shoulders, large behinds or who are just plain BIG, fortunately there are some very useful tips that will hopefully help to remove the shroud of mystery from the whole process.

Firstly a little debunk. The whole notion of ‘dressing well’ simply involves presenting yourself in a way that is most flattering to the body you possess without distorting or altering the body in any way. So forget any ‘wonder products’ that claim to hold everything in – the chances are that these will not do you any good and that they will fail, one way or another.

The fit

The fit of a suit is almost certainly the most important factor for everyone, but is doubly important for larger men. Any bulges, wrinkles, sagging sleeves and unwanted material excess is going to give you a sloppy, undefined outline, which draws more attention to your size. Baggy clothes do not hide a less than svelte physique, rather they highlight it. It is one of life’s great discoveries! In addition, the better the fit, the more comfortable the suit and this all helps boost your confidence when wearing it.

Keep it simple

You’re already owner of an imposing frame, which is statement enough. Larger men could do well to live by the rule of opting for simple, solid colour designs for their suits – in other words – hold the patterns and if it’s busy, then ditch it.

Join the dark side

Follow the Emperor’s advice and go dark. This is not only a very sound piece of advice for a larger man, as lighter colours definitely make any extra pounds show, but it is also a very easy piece of advice to follow, as there are so many great dark suits to choose from. Don’t forget that this advice also applies to a degree, to the shirt underneath the suit. A mid-blue shirt is a good solid option and pairs well with dark blue or dark grey suits in particular.

Be wise, accessorize!

Let’s be honest, every suit-wearer could do with adding a bit of pizazz with some well-chosen accessories. Braces can look incredibly good when worn properly, especially on the larger man. There are some great vintage braces around, but remember that you’ll need those buttons on the inside of the trousers to wear them. Pocket watches are really in vogue at the moment and can look very fetching. Remember that the chain needs to go from the second or third button from the bottom, hang down a little then go back up into the pocket just above your hip. Don’t go overboard with accessories, it’s far better to splash out on one or two exceptional items than to opt for a whole range of different items.

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