Business Suit Ideas for Men

Whether you’re a full-time office worker, full on commuter, part-time formal dresser or rarely need to look smart, there are always occasions that call for a suit.

Each year there are subtle shifts in optimal styles and fits but there are just as many consistent classics that can be kept in the wardrobe long term. What’s important is that you feel your best when wearing your suit and mixing things up can offer a strong sense of vitality and well-being. It’s always good to freshen up your wardrobe, so let’s take a look at some of the very best options for men’s business suits this year.

The Plain Navy Two-Button Suit

This is the suit of our times. If there is one suit that you will get more use out of than any other it is this one. With stylish notched lapel, the navy three-button suit is great for almost any occasion and if you have the money and the space it’s almost worth having one in your wardrobe and one in the office in case it is needed. You can look for a strong-shouldered, and canvassed model to bring this suit fully into 21st century mode. As dress down Fridays are increasingly in vogue you can interchange the jacket or trousers with contrasting separate items on such days. This style and colour of suit matches up superbly with a dark grey shirt and diagonal striped tie in claret and blue, for instance. As darker navy blue can be flattering for all sizes, this is also ideal for business suits for the larger man, for whom Skopes suits cater so well.

Go retro with accessories

You don’t need anyone to tell you that retro is in. Everyone’s buying vinyl records again and you can’t walk down a high street without seeing handlebar moustaches and full beards. Well this is the perfect excuse to bring some vintage style to your suit in the form of some stunning vintage style cufflinks like these. Bespoke in style and given a beautiful and unique, rustic – ancient patina, evoking the cosmos and the ocean, the blue and gold will match up stunningly with all of the grey and blue suits that are very much in fashion.

Summer suits – what to look out for

What fabric makes for the best men’s summer suits has always been a contentious topic. A lot of people go for the obvious cottons and linens and wool sometimes gets a mention. So what should you be looking for when you strive to stay cool? The truth is that there are excellent options for all three. The latter must be a fresco wool suit – a lightweight, stylish high twisted wool that really does keep you feeling fresh. Contrary to popular belief there are other cotton suit colours than khaki and baby blue is a daring but striking option too. In terms of linen as a material for your summer suit, be aware of the crease factor with pure linen and if you have a daily commute a linen blend with either cotton or wool can do wonders in this respect.

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