Gold Pinstripe Suit

A suit with 24 carat gold in the pinstripe is not for the faint hearted to wear. At £960, for a fixed drop suit, (meaning the difference between your chest and your waist must be 6 inches, unless you have a tailor who can change it for you) neither is it a suit to be worn by a person on a budget.

Gold suit
A Suit made with Gold or Platinum

What this suit is, is a very bold statement. The cloth that goes into this suit, is rare, hence only a few have been made. Even getting samples for me to photograph has been difficult.  Usually only Oligarchs have the opportunity to wear this sort of a fabric, so we are delighted to offer it as a bit less exclusive….   But not a lot.



If you find the gold a little too ostentatious, then the same navy first class wool has been woven with platinum.  It makes for a more subtle pinstripe,  but will still  catch the light as you turn round the room, drawing eyes towards you.


Get one while you can.  Gold and Platinum Pinstripe suits