What Trench Coat For You??

Which Trench coat??

Choosing the right Trench Coat for the coming winter months is on the ‘to do’ list of nearly every man.

But it’s ‘which’ Trench Coat that has them pondering over the various types and styles.

Now all Trench Coats are similar but the ones that offer that little bit extra are the ones that catch your eye and add that bit of sophistication to your look!


Suitsmen offers a range of four Trench Coats, a style to suit everyone.

From the Grenfell range we have the Windsor Trench Coat and the Russell trench coat. Both are the ideal travel raincoats.

They are hand made in Britain and are of exceptional quality.

Made with 100% cotton, these coats always hang nicely, are always comfortable to wear and offer FULL protection from the elements.

Both have features including an integral belt with a leather buckle, buttoned centre vents, epaulettes to deflect heavy rain and an extra brass neck catch for extra weather proofing, plus a lot more extras including a variety of colours.

However, the Russell Trench Coat has one feature that puts it just ahead of its brother.

Instead of housing a 100% cotton lining like the Windsor, the Russell has a zip out wool lining which hangs to just 4 inches of the bottom of the coat. Not only does this add an extra layer to help in the colder climates but it also adds to the look, feel and the sophistication of this handmade coat.


If all of that is just what you need, but is out of your price range, then the Brook Taverner Derwent Trench Coat will be the ultimate choice.

Not only does it have many of the same features as the handmade Trench Coats; the removable wool mix lining, centre vent for easy mobility and knee length for that protection against the weather.

It is made of 59% cotton, 34% Polyester and 7% Polyurethane, Teflon coated and shower proof, and is available in black, navy and honey.

This coat becomes the superb value trench coat.


Now for those with a more ‘wild side’ the Woodland Leather Black Trench Coat may be just the thing.

This trench is full length offering all the protection that is wanted.

It is made with 100% of the softest NAPPA leather in the classic black, has a full polyester lining including reinforced buttons.

The quality and style of the Black Leather Trench Coat will give an edge to anyone with one.

With the colder months moving in fast, it’s time to start thinking about which trench is the one for you.

Whether its handmade sophistication or the ultimate a style gained from 100% leather, there IS a Trench Coat for everyone.




Have you chosen yours?