Want to know how to stay warm and still look smart?? Read on…

Looking smart usually comes at a price (and it’s not always to do with your wallet.)

As the colder weather draws in, the want for layers increases. But just chucking another t-shirt on under your shirt is never really an option. It ruffles up under your shirt, or it doesn’t look or feel right.

So here is your help for finding those extra layers and different items of clothing to help you stay warm whilst keeping your sharp, sophisticated look.

Now it all begins with what’s underneath.

Suits men have a range of underwear, which also includes the Wolsey Classic Thermal Underwear. Available in the natural colour, they have mock interlocked fabric and are brushed inside to trap air and retain heat.

To match the Classic Long Johns, we also have the t-shirts and vests.

Matching the Long Johns, the Wolsey Short Sleeved Thermal T-shirt has the traditional mock interlock fabric with the brushed inside to trap air and retain heat, keeping both your upper and lower body warm.

Suitsmen now also sell the same thermal t-shirt with the Morley label. Not only is this exactly the same item of clothing, but it is also the new rebranded name of Wolsey.

Now if short sleeves are not for you, and you want long sleeves under your shirt, Suitsmen also sell the Wolsey Long Sleeved Thermal Vest. This, again has the same features and fabric as the short sleeve versions, it just has a bit for cover for your arms.

Having all the thermals on will not stop the cold if your suit lets out the heat easily. We sell a range of heavy weighted suits, perfect for the colder climates and seasons.

The smart outer layers.

Our heaviest being around the 510g mark, this is ideal for the colder months.

Examples consist of the Torre Men’s Lounge Herringbone Suit.
This single breasted, two buttoned suit combines a classic and timeless feel, whilst keeping in the priceless heat.
It also comes with Teflon protected material, helping to keep your suit looking its best for longer.

We also have the Men’s Herringbone Morning Suit from Torre. This again is one of the 510g suits, not only ensuring warmth but comfort and sophistication with the one button jacket being made from 100% Wool.

It is also available in three colours, Navy Herringbone, Black Herringbone and Grey Herringbone. However, the grey only comes in a 420g weight.

For the ladies our sister company, Lucy Alice, sell stylish ladies suits that look smart and stylish whilst keeping you warm in the colder weather.

The Brook Taverner Morning Suit made from 100% Pure New Wool, this one buttoned, double breasted tailcoat originates from the 19th Century.




Warmth can be found in any suit, whether you are opting for one of the heavier weight jackets to keep out the cold chill, or are more of a thermals fan. You can find a suit to suit your need, with the accessories to go along with it, keeping you warm AND smart!