Is wearing a Suit no longer important?

Suits status and meaning has changed dramatically throughout the years.

At one stage the main streets of London would be flooded with suits, bowler hats and umbrellas. Everyone looked smart and pristine. Pride was taken in looking the part.

A smart suit means sophistication, success and wealth.

It emphasised money, wealth, success, business.

This, however, seems to have been lost on the current business workers of the 21st Century. There are more ‘dress-down’ Fridays, alternatives to uniforms to enable the workers to be comfy. The ‘dress down Fridays’ were enabled to try and keep workers focused with paper-work on the Friday whilst they wound down for the weekend. However this created thoughts about whether suits were needed in the first place.

Many believe that the smart, sophisticated look of wealth, power and success can be found in other outfits and items of clothing. For example, nowadays, many businessmen will don a smart pair of jeans and a shirt. Leaving the suit and tie ensemble at home.

 Personally, I believe a suit says a lot about the company and personality of the business.

Those that take the extra effort to look smart, with a fitted suit, sharp shirt and smart tie, I would probably choose over a businessman stood in front of me in jeans. Even if they are smart jeans.

It is thought that if you are dressed professionally, in uniform or a smart suit then you act more professionally, work harder and put across a better image – or voice if the customer cannot see you.

And I believe this to be true. If I am dressed smartly, I believe I act in a more professional manner. Then, let’s say, if I was wearing my joggers and flip flops. (Which some professions allow their employers to come to work in.)

Now smartness isn’t everything if the customer cannot see you. As the visual aspect of smartness is not there, I agree with this, however if the employees work can improve when they are dressed smartly surely this dress code should be enforced.

Many employers don’t think so.

Many employees do though, and even though they don’t have to, they choose to be smart and wear the suit and tie ensemble to work.

Provides an image of structure, power and trust.

Any businesses looks better, more structured and in control of what they are doing if the staff are smart, sophisticated and look part of that company.

Giving off the image that they are Professional and Trustworthy. Not forgetting Successful. You don’t see Richard Branson in jeans, you never see a Court Judge in flip flops.

I believe that a smart mens business suit can put the finishing touch on the visual effect of a business or person. It can help to emphasis the professional quality and can even improve the way staff talk and behave.

Suits are professional, sharp, sophisticated and smart.

That’s why here at SuitsMen we offer a wide range of very smart and high quality work suits, as well as suits for every other occasion.

We can find the perfect suit for you, your staff or partner to make them feel the part.

With great quality, perfect material, comfortable fit and a wide range of sizes there will definitely be something for you.

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SuitsMen believe that a good suit is key to the business world. A must for the professional look.

You wouldn’t go to an interview without one.

But what do you think. Are the days of the suit over? Or is it still the image of money, wealth, success and business.

Let us know…

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