The Royal International

The Royal International Horse Show or the RIHS is one of the most prestigious Horse Shows in the world.

Held over 5 days (17th – 22nd July 2012) and with competitions putting some of the best riders in the country together, it is certainly worth watching.

Whether you are there supporting a friend or idol, or if you are there for a day out with friends to enjoy the atmosphere, shops and exciting competitions nothing could perfect more than the outfit you wear.

Now some will think that the equestrian world revolves around Tweed and Wellingtons.

This isn’t entirely true.

You will certainly see tweed.

But if you are unsure of what to wear and need a bit of help, SuitsMen have put together some items that can make you look great, keep you warm and dry whilst looking stylish.


Now tweeds don’t have to be shooting coats and flat caps. Why not try the couple below from the Brook Taverner collection.

The Ayr Scottish Tweed Jacket is made from Pure Saxony Wool with a classic fit it is a gorgeous single breasted jacket. Matched with dark, smart trousers you can’t go wrong.

The Porthleven Jacket is 100% Pure New Wool and available in the subtle Gold Check or Olive Check. Perfect or this event.

If you prefer to stay away from the traditional tweed colours try the Coverack Jacket. Again 100% Pure New Wool with a tailored fit, it is perfect, especially when it comes in Grey Herringbone and Olive Herringbone


A Pair of smart, dark and stylish mens trousers would match any of the jackets above and we have plenty on the site.

However here at SuitsMen we suggest the Brook Taverner Cotton Twill Jeans, available in four colours and made from 100% Super Soft Cotton.

Or why not try the Gurteen Hadleigh Corduroy trousers, 100% Cotton and made of a classic wale cord.

Now at the RIHS it either shines with sun or pours down with rain. And we want you to be prepared. So we have put a couple of the John Partridge collection coats below.

The Brooke coat is a military inspired lightweight coat, great for the sunny days where you need a slight cover up.

For the heavier rain try the Wordsworth Wax coat. 100% Cotton lining and wax cotton outer this will keep you warm, dry and looking good despite the weather.

For the Torrential Downpours

Try one of the trench coats we have to offer, keeping you dry all the way past your knees.

The Derwent Trenchcoat by Brook Taverner is a superbly valued Trench Coat. Knee Length, with a warm wool/mix removable lining it is perfect for having to hand.

Don’t forget we have all the other essentials you made need including shirts, socks and underwear. We have you covered.

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