It’s Time to Support Your Country.

The Olympics are starting and on home turf our athletes will aim for Gold. We will all look on, willing, urging and wishing them to do their best.


You could be watching from home, with a group of friends and family, making it an event of your own.

Or you could be one of the lucky few who got tickets to see the action live inside (or out) of the arena.

Now we will be watching out for the Red, White and Blue on the athletes, but what should we wear ourselves?

Are you unsure of your outfit? Or you don’t know what to wear a particular event. Well SuitsMen are always here to help.

We are doing 3 blogs (including this one) of what to wear to the Olympics and we have based them on the locations of the events you will be lucky enough to watch.


If you’re totally indoors! (And this includes at home)

Whether your chosen sport to watch is the Gymnastics, Indoor Cycling, Swimming or even Volleyball and Ping Pong. Then choosing the right items to keep you warm, and looking stylish and smart is very important.

Below, Suits Men have put a few items that we believe would be great outfits if you are watching the world of sport from under cover.


Let’s start with the shirt…

Now for an event like this the usual t-shirt and jeans might not look the part. Why not try the Double Two Paradigm Shirt. This shirt is 100% Cotton and comes in a variety of colours and sizes, so you can choose one to your liking. It also has a standard collar and single cuff, (so not over the top).



The Truro Cotton Chino Trousers are great for this type of even, comfy and smart with a lovely soft finish. They are available in 3 colours.


Now for the Blazer…

Try the Brook Taverner Otley Blazer, a gorgeous classic fit, single breasted blazer with gold detailed buttons. It will have you looking the part!


If this is slightly out of budget try the Skopes Ascot Blazer, another fantastic blazer. It fits and sits perfectly and will look smart and sophisticated with the outfit above.


Don’t forget to keep an eye out for the next two blogs!!

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