Now for the Second of our Olympic Blogs

Not all events take place completely indoors and not all take place outdoors. So what do you wear for those in-between?

 When you’re sitting in the stands, under cover yet out in the open, getting the right balance of warmth and style can be an incredibly hard task to manage.


That’s why we have taken the responsibility out of your hands.

 Putting our heads together here at Suits Men, we have come up with some outfits and items we believe would be perfect for your day in the stands.



Shirts are great, available in long and short sleeve you have the option to choose which you prefer for the day you are going to enjoy.


 And the Disley Check Business shirt is available in both. This smart shirt has a standard collar and single cuffs and is a shirt that will match to multiple outfits with ease.



How about Trousers

Now you cannot be sat outside for a long length of time without a pair of stylish warm trousers.

 We have picked out a couple of pairs below.


The Gurteen Hadleigh Corduroy Trousers are fantastic quality and hard wearing. Perfect for keeping in the heat as well as keeping you looking sophisticated and smart.




Or why not try the Brook Taverner Moleskin Trousers. These are 100% Cotton and available in two colours. They are an extremely comfy pair and ones not to miss.




What if it Rains?

Now you don’t need a full blown quilted coat with three layers and inner fleece for warmth. You just need a simple shower proof pull over or warm jacket.

 And we have just the ones below.


The John Partridge Ted Quilt Coat is a smart, lightweight jacket. It’s brilliant for staying warm and smart. Its short length is also great for keeping that sophisticated look.

The Shower Proof Military Jacket by Skopes is available in two colours. It looks great over a shirt and will keep you warm, dry and happy.

Or why not try the Original Harrington Jacket by Grenfell. With an elasticated waist and cuffs to keep out the wind and two hand warmer pockets you won’t want any other jacket.



What about for Over a Blazer?

Now you can’t just shrug on any jacket over a suit jacket or blazer. This is why we have put two gorgeous overcoats below.


The Lester Overcoat by Skopes is a fantastic 3 button overcoat with a touch of Cashmere. Perfect for wearing over your suit jacket or blazer it will keep you warm and smart, especially with the double breasted front.



If you want a more traditional overcoat try the Brook Taverner Croydon Overcoat. This ¾ length coat has 20% Cashmere, a 3 button front and it is fully lined. Perfect.




So we have found shirts, trousers, coats and overcoats which we think would make great Olympic viewing outfits.

Complete with one of our blazers or knitwear jumpers and you are good to go!


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