Now for the Medals!

The games are well and truly under way and Britain are going strong. With a Silver in the Cycling, a Bronze in the Swimming and a Bronze with the Gymnasts already under our belts, we can only keep wishing our athletes on.


Now for the lucky few who have managed to get tickets Suits Men are offering advice on how to perfect your day watching your selected sports.


We have helped with the indoor, and we have helped those in the grandstands.


But what about those of you who are standing outside by the railings, cheering on the cyclists, at the ropes shouting for our eventing team, or on the banks wishing our rowers to past the finish line.


Well below SuitsMen have created a couple of outfits to keep you stylish, but warm and smart. Let us think about your clothing so you can focus on enjoying your day!


Let’s start with a shirt
The Double Two Paradigm shirt is a smart and stylish shirt. With a standard collar and it’s fantastic quality it’s a must have.


Now for the outdoor events you need comfy and warm trousers, and below are two pairs we know fit this need.


The Gurteen Supersoft Chino are perfect for outdoors. Available in 3 of colours you will find the perfect pair for you.


Or why not try the Brook Taverner Cotton Twill Jeans; these straight cut trousers are soft and washable. Lightweight, similar to moleskins making them a ‘Must Have’!!


Now for the right coat!
A thick warm coat is a definite must, when watching those outdoor events.


John Partridge offer a thick and smart Wordsworth Coat. With a cotton lining and Wax cotton outer it is perfect. Especially with its wool collar for extra warmth.


If you like longer coats try the Brook Taverner Derwent Trench Coat. Superb value with a removable inner lining, this will keep you warm and dry.


Time to enjoy the games
Whatever sport you are supporting, SuitsMen have put together an outfit suited to your needs, whether it is to keep you warm, or to make you look especially smart.


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