SuitsMen – for when you need something special

Being smart needn’t cost a fortune and if you are the kind of man who just hates to shop in the High Street but wants something rather special, Suits Men, Clothes for Gentlemen is just perfect for you. Buying online just couldn’t be easier. At every stage, you can filter what you have delivered in your search pane, so you don’t have a bewildering array of clothes, most of which you don’t want! Style, type, colour, fabric – you can choose them all so, if you want a two button suit in wool Lycra, made by Sidney Cope, with longer jacket, pleated trousers, chest 44in; just a few clicks and there it is! So much easier than trawling up and down escalators or dragging through the streets looking for a decent tailor!

But we don’t just sell suits!

Suits are only part of our range, although it is what we are best known for – our range of Masonic suits, mens wedding suits , mens summer suits, and mens business suits is second to none.

And if you are quite a big man then don’t worry we have suits for big men available!

We also sell all kinds of outerwear, from gilets to trench coats and again, all you need do is click a few choices and we will show you what we have on offer; it just couldn’t be easier. Shirts of course can make or break any outfit and we have a huge range, from supremely comfortable polo shirts to formal wear. In our accessories range we have everything from wallets to belts. We pride ourselves in being able to fit out the discerning gentleman from head to toe.

Expensive? By no means!

If you think this all sounds a bit pricey, prepare to be amazed. We have free delivery and a wide price range, starting lower than you would imagine – even without our excellent offer prices, you can be the best dressed man wherever you go for well under £200. If you are in a hurry, again – no problem, we have a huge range of readymade suits but for that perfect fit, why not opt for Rupert, bespoke tailoring. We help you through all the stages to make sure the measurements are exact and you will look a million dollars – but without the price tag. And with Rupert, bespoke really does mean bespoke – you can even use your own fabric if you like and adjustments are free if you are not happy with the fit – a bespoke suit is special and we want it to be perfect and from Rupert, it will be!

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