Timeless Christmas Gifts for the Modern Man

The modern man is something of a conundrum. Obsessed with the latest mobile and gaming technology, touch screen this and flat screen that and yet going back to using shaving brushes, cutthroat razors and wearing vintage clothes and riding old fashioned pushbikes. Of course the hipster trend is not ubiquitous but has certainly bled into most cultures and subcultures as we stand in 2015. This has led to many more men adding traditional pieces to their wardrobes such as a classy pair of oxfords (shoes) or a selection of well-tailored waistcoats. As the inevitable panic of what to buy that special man in your life comes around and the only answer you can get from him is a non-committal “let me think about it” or “you choose. You always get me something nice”, which cranks up the pressure something chronic, you’d be wise to look at something nice in the mens suit department.

And if you are quite a big man then don’t worry we have big mens suits available!

Most men will have a suit and so a little espionage to ensure sizing is correct should not present too much of a problem. You could even suggest a nice meal out somewhere posh to make sure that old suit at the back of the wardrobe still fits. If it doesn’t then all the more reason to go down the suit route! There are some lovely suits around at the moment. Wool rich relaxed designs that will be perfect for regular use and tap into the trend for the classic look as well as more elaborate single breasted business suits that tap into the businessman market.

Of course a whole suit might not be within your budget, but if that is the case then all online and bricks and mortar stores worth their salt carry a whole host of accessories and single garments that will be perfect for a range of budgets. Waistcoats can really be a lifesaver in the present department as you have so many different styles that it is highly unlikely the man in your life has all bases covered. The country-loving gentleman might appreciate a 100% wool mustard model that would look great with smart casual olde worlde pub gear, or even a tough leather hunting waistcoat for long walks or fishing and shooting.

backless-cannes--waistcoat-3Then of course there are the waistcoats for the man who has a lot of fancy events to attend. Property conference in Cannes? Why not nab him a backless waistcoat in Cannes ivory or white that looks the business with a bow tie? In between these two extremes, of course there are a whole host of designs to suit every occasion that you can expect to shell out from between £40 and £150 for.

Perhaps the man in question is well-endowed in the suit department. In that case there are still some quality options in the traditional present department. These days most men will carry a ‘man bag’, but the problem is that few of them have much taste when it comes to choosing one! That is where you can come in and with a little digging you should not have a problem in finding an upgrade on his current bag du jour. Brown leather flight bags are a brilliant option and represent quality and flexibility, while bridge leather saddle bags are also very in and are another stellar option. Both options should easily fall into the under £100 bracket. For smaller gifts, perhaps for more distant male relatives, a nice pair of cufflinks is a great idea as many more men are returning to this particular fashion accessory and despite the cliché I don’t know of many men who’d turn their noses up to some quality, comfortable but stylish socks!

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