Suits you sir!

Every suit has its own DNA, a fingerprint if you like that is left as an impression on those who see you in it and so it is very important to consider which suit is the right one for each occasion because the evidence is left, indelibly marked on the minds of those who count and it is often vital or at least desirable that the impression is positive. When it comes to how a suit comes off, confidence is the key word and nothing breeds confidence quite as efficiently as a well-fitted suit. But each occasion demands subtly distinct approaches. This article looks at some of life’s most important events and how to approach your suit-wearing decisions accordingly.

The interview

Business suits for men are not simply business suits, there are subtle differences between appropriate suits depending on just what you are going to be doing at work. The interview is your chance to make the right impression and there are few more striking impressions, as we already established than that left by your suit.

In terms of interview wear, it is imperative to strike the right balance between confidence, friendliness and formality. A two button single-breasted suit is the contemporary choice year on year and is to this day advised by industry gurus as the ‘go to’ number for the majority of interview situations. In terms of the right business suit colour, those of us with pale complexions should opt for the navy tones over the grey – navy being a more imaginative colour than black. There is also the dilemma of do you go with pleated trousers , masonic trousers or flat front trousers. Pleated are more old fashioned and traditional choice whereas flat front seem to come and go in and out of fashion.

To complement your suit you will need a matching tie, white shirt such as the mandarin collar dress shirt and well-polished shoes of a dark brown shade will be just about perfect. A handy insider tip is to make sure that when you go in to the shop to choose your suit you take the shoes you are going to be wearing to avoid ending up with the dreaded ankle-bashers.

And if you are quite a big man then don’t worry we have large mens suits available!

The wedding

The last thing you want is a withering look from the wife-to-be as you stand in front of your friends, family and all those others who you can’t quite place, reciting your vows that says “what on earth is that you’re wearing?” To avoid moments like this you need to get your wedding suit choice right. But just what is the right decision? Well, if there is only going to be one occasion (other than perhaps your funeral) when you wear a fitted suit, then this should be the day. Classic and contemporary is the way to go when it comes to wedding suits, so all those old staples like hounds tooth patterns, checks and pinstripes are solid choices. Bespoke suits are great if you plan to buy for the big day as they can be taken out as we expand and in if we go down the route of the fitness fanatic!

Masonic Suits

Masonic men-folk are traditionally some of the best in town and stereotypically a masonic morning suit is a herringbone in black or dark grey and made of wool, maybe with a nice light pinstripe. This is the first suit of most self-respecting masons, but, of course just like anybody else, life will require suits of other tones and colours. A light blue or brown number can be considered and perhaps solid in colour, with no pattern or stripe. But all Masonic suits should follow the 100% wool or cotton mantra – synthetic fibres are a big no-no. The bottom button of the waistcoat should always remain unbuttoned and in a rule that should be applied across societal circles trousers are worn at the natural waist about 2-3 inches below the belly button.

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