Suit Trends for 2016

Blue is the Colour

In terms of colour trends, there is one colour that will stand head and shoulders above all others in men’s suits in 2016 and that is blue. We’re not only talking conservative navy blue either, but also vibrant, exciting blues like that of the British damselfly. In terms of colours for 2016, it is essential that every man about town own at least one blue suit, a matching grey suit and of course a black suit. The blue theme can even be taken to the max with the potential for maxing stylish checked blue shirts and a blue tie with deep or dark blue suit.  Perhaps the blue shoes should be left for Elvis, but some snazzy patent black numbers could add an equally audacious finishing touch.

Blue suits make for an ideal business suit for men and the darker blues can also be suitable for plus size mens suits.

Slim still wins, but a sly wind signals a change

While the über slim fit – tight around the arms and legs and snug pretty much everywhere – remains incredibly popular, there are some signs of a trend reversal. It’s not particularly comfortable to wear, and the traditionalist do not like it, but the younger generation have been embracing it largely due to the version of Bond played by musclebound English charmer Daniel Craig. Perhaps the ‘blue boom’ can also be attributed to Craig and his impossibly blue eyes that give Sinatra a run for his money!

The signs of a trend reversal away from snug fitting suits does not involve a shift back to the horrid loose style of the ‘90s, and silhouettes will still need to be taut and a well-fitting suit is of great import. Sleek silhouettes with softer shoulder instruction are, however, no doubt instrumental in revitalising the men’s suit market. What is being seen is that the pleat purge is being reversed and we are beginning to see the return of the full-chested double breasted jacket.

The Madrid tailored suit is perfect for this combination of slim and taut silhouettes and is one of our most popular Skopes suits that we sell. The lighter grey option will certainly provide an excellent option for half of the essential 2016 suit wardrobe.

Texture over pattern

The suits that will dominate 2016 will place a far greater emphasis on texture than on pattern, a trend which doffs its cap to the rise of such less celebrated cloths as velvet, satin and brocade. Of course, for those with more ample wallets tweed remains an elegant and sophisticated choice. Eddy Redmayne’s incredible array of suits is a great example of the growing importance of texture – he even sported an incredible blue-green velvet number recently.

The relaxed pairing and its roots

Complete suits are ever-increasingly being replaced by a jacket and jeans combination. This has its origin in the return of the preppy look, a trend that is led by the proliferation of cruise collections for men, from chinos, original Harrington jackets and polo shirts, to jackets and frayed denim paired with a penny loafer.

Traditional and solid

With the aid of another Hollywood star, Jake Gyllenhaal, the world is waking up to the realisation that one of the best ways to wear a suit is to go solid. He wears a classic array of simple, sleek suits so well thanks to following the back to basics mantra. A simple white shirt is the base. Gyllenhaal has then made clever use of texture in the tie to match the same colour (albeit more textured) grey tie with a grey suit. The result is classy and understated. There is no reason why this should not gain in popularity and also manifest in similar matchings in the blue tones through 2016.

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