Nothing says ‘I Love You’ quite as naughtily as new lingerie!

With Valentine’s Day coming around scarily quickly after the Christmas frivolities have finally lapsed into the realms of memory, now’s the time when men around the world can be seen frowning at window displays, shifting uncomfortably on evening commutes and sweating in the perfume section of many a department store as they worry over the perfect Valentine’s gift.

Fear not, men of the world – the answer is hanging up to dry on your collective radiators (if you’re lucky)! No, not that crusty pair of jogging bottoms, but lingerie! Surely there is no greater symbol of love, romance and lust than sexy undergarments. From burlesque inspired basques to sultry hosiery and decadent negligées, lace briefs or corsets the world is your oyster.

It is a gift that keeps on giving – and the benefits are mutual – your special lady gets to feel sexy and you get to witness it. Win win. Of course, for the ladies out there who are unattached, why not treat yourself to that little luxury nightwear item that you’ve had your eye on?

The ludicrously wealthy owner of China’s Alibaba (it’s bigger than Amazon) recently had the ingenious idea of creating a ‘Singles Day’ to great acclaim, well the single folk out there can use this as an excuse to treat number one come this 14th February!

There are so many subtle distinctions between the myriad lingerie styles out there and each style is suited to a different emotion or, perhaps better said intention.


If  you’re out to dress to undress (sorry), then little says it better than a chiffon frilly babydoll.

Deep, sensual reds are timeless winners and the idea of ‘slipping into something more comfortable’ is rarely better accommodated by this stunning satin concoction.

This is an ideal gift for those in the early throes of a romantic relationship, those hoping to add some spice when the honeymoon period is but a distant memory and those mischievous singles hoping to get lucky this Valentines.


Think five star spar breaks and weekends to Paris in underwear form. While this example is a test to even the most bulging of wallets, the dazzling, kimono-inspired Oncilla boudoir gown by Loveday London can serve as a source of inspiration for those looking to tick all the ‘luxury’ boxes in one fell swoop.

There’s a hidden zip up the side seam, allowing the gown to be put on (and taken off) with ease and the waistband is in lamb’s leather for goodness sake!

There’s more in the Oncilla collection that can provide gift inspiration, from bras, briefs and suspender belts, through to blindfolds (for the 50 Shades…inclined), dressing gowns and boudoir cushions.

Beauty on a budget

Those of us dwelling in the real world without the money to splash out on hundreds of pounds worth of satin need not fear, because there are bargains to be had! The boon of internet shopping means that price comparison is easy and a quick peek at your significant other’s collection of bras and knickers will (not only be fun, but) provide you with all you need to choose the style, size and colour that you think they will love the best.

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