Business Suit Ideas for Summer and Other Stay Cool Tips

While many of us are just enjoying the fact that winter is a memory and spring has sprung, it won’t be long before the warmer months arrive and those warmer suits will start to leave us sweating on our commutes to and from work. Anyone who’s spent years using the London Underground will be particularly grateful to any ideas that will help in the battle to stay cool.

Before we look at suit-related ideas, some general tips to stay cool would, I’m sure, be appreciated.

  • Stay hydrated. Coconut water is a healthy and excellent way to keep the thirst at bay and provide you with much needed electrolytes lost in sweating.
  • If it’s too hot, take your jacket off! I’ve seen far too many proud business folk struggling through the heat, seemingly unable to remove their jacket!
  • Go for loafers. Wearing loafers allows less heat to stay trapped in your feet (a major factor in how hot you feel overall).
  • Keep spare shirts in your desk drawer, allowing for a crisp, cool change of shirt if needed. Most of us will have seen the Mad Men character Don Draper do this. Why not do the same?
  • Use a face mist such as this little beauty from Skyn, Iceland.

As for more suit related ideas for the summer season here goes.

  • Have your suit jackets half lined or give them a French facing (i.e. self-fabric lining). These two options will render your suit far less heat trapping.
  • Keep to lighter coloured suits such as this lovely mens summer suit. Light greys and blues are not only both in, but trap less heat than darker alternatives, making this go-light tip a win win situation.
  • You don’t have to be completely traditional with your fabrics, when it comes to either men’s business suits or ladies business suits this summer. Fresher material options like fresco and high twist wools are an excellent option for keeping you cool. Wool remains the most breathable of all the fabrics, but make sure it’s high twist wool. The difference is incredible!

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