The Classic Men’s Suits will always be the Best

Styles and trends come and go. This is true in all markets, but never truer in the world of suit wear. We’ve seen loose fits, skinny fits and everything in between come and go over the years. We’ve recently seen a surge in the popularity of blues in all shades, but how much of the Conservatives’ austerity measures will people take before those blue hues are poo-pooed?! Joking aside, the point is that while there has to be room for a little experimentation and a splash of colour, after all life would be boring without it, there will always be a place in every man’s wardrobe for traditional men’s grey suits and men’s black suits. That, my friends, is a fact.

Skopes suits are always a popular choice and the Palmer Commuter Suit is a great choice and take the beautiful Skopes Oslo suit, available in this cool black and sophisticated greys, not only is it a classic suit that will impress in all business situations, but it is available for well under £150, making it an absolute bargain. For under £300 you can opt for a lighter grey mens suit as well as its black counterpart. The great thing about this classic, but contemporary suit is that the blend of materials allows you to stay cool or warm depending on the season (thanks to the wool element). Also the added lycra gives the suit splendid bouncebackability (to coin a football phrase) meaning that creases are minimised during those long commutes and you’ll look just as good returning home after a long day as you did when you left in the morning. The Teflon coating, meanwhile, offers superlative stain protection again adding to the durability of the suit. Sometimes these simple features are what makes all the difference.

You may look to go for a different style when choosing two suits, one in black and one in grey. It could make sense, but it may also be wise to opt for two in the same fit if that is what suits you the best. The other timeless, classic style well worth considering is the Madrid Tailored suit, again available in either black or grey and an absolute steal at around £100. You could opt to include a waistcoat with this one, perhaps if you are choosing it as your option for the cooler seasons.

Perhaps you could opt for the Madrid in grey where the cut makes the jacket appear shorter and more compact, especially when paired with a sleek waistcoat. It really does have the appearance of a much more expensive men’s grey suit.

With any combination of such classic suit styles, however you can obtain two timeless numbers that will withstand the constant flux of trends and fashions, providing you with guaranteed winners for all your business needs. You will also have room for a third, more experimental suit option – perhaps that blue linen piece that you’ve never dared to opt for!

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