Mens Suit Ideas for 2019

OK, so as the cogs of 2018 finally whirr themselves into the history books and 2019 dawns many of us are trying to find ways to eradicate all traces of one heck of an annus horribilis.

One great way of starting 2019 with new verve and fresh intentions is to change up that stale suit wardrobe and get up to date with the latest fashions and styles for a positive new year and beyond.

A great deal of evidence points to 2019 being a very strong year for greys and the various shades of this often maligned colour are set to make a massive return in men’s suits. If you think that unlikely, then think again before I also reveal that classic pinstripe suits are set for a massive return.

The last time pinstripe suits reached their peak was just before the US mortgage market crashed in 2008, after which such suits became synonymous with crooked bankers. Fast forward 10 years and despite what’s happening with Brexit and the UK economy it seems that classic pinstripes are really back with a vengeance and luckily there are some great options on the market for that business look that rocks some Christian Bale in American Psycho-esque swagger (without the killing). Bold stripes will dominate.

Moving slightly away from the business suits scene, covered by grey and pinstripe revivals, let’s take a detour to the best part of 2019 – summer time and get to grips with the latest summer suit trends that will be seen.

Exaggerated double breasted jackets are definitely going to be big this summer and they are best worn open, which brings practical benefits in summer time, too, especially for those who have the pleasure of using British public transport to get to work!

Seersucker, the crumpled all-cotton fabric will be one of the top choices for summer.  It has a lovely relaxed, but sophisticated look and checked or striped, you’ll be bossing the heat with a slightly irreverent, cool style. You will find this material works beautifully with jackets when smart casual is the order of the day.

Also often summer events, weddings can be incredibly difficult to dress for as a man as you can’t be seen to upstage the groom, but must be seen to make an effort. What better way to tackle this dilemma than opting for one of many en vogue shades of blue. Sophisticated but not flashy, a blue mens wedding suit is an excellent colour choice and luckily blue is most certainly in for spring / summer 2019. The more formal the occasion and the cooler the destination, the darker the blue.

So, if you have a formal wedding in spring or early summer a navy blue suit would be ideal. If you have a coastal summer wedding with an outdoor, more laid back reception you could take advantage of some of the excellent cotton, seersucker or linen blend lighter blue suit options that will help you achieve that stylish British summer look perfectly.

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