Wedding Suit Ideas for 2019

It is time to get cracking on coming up with your suit strategy for the wedding season. No, you can’t get away with wearing that same old grey number that may or may not have a few holes in courtesy of clothes moths or errant cigarette ash from that messy affair last year.

Let this year be the one that you decide to make a strong impression and feel like a million dollars among friends and family. The ultra-formal black tie wedding is easy to dress for and so is not covered here.

Every year you will see the same old articles trotted out online, professing to have the ultimate guide to this years’ dress code as if colours, styles and designs really are that fluid. Should you wear a 3 button suit or 2 button. In reality what makes for a great wedding suit for men is less changeable than the industry would have you believe, but that said different cuts certainly do go in and out of fashion. Quality brands will always have your back – brands like Skopes, whose suits for men are exceptionally reliable and at the same time offer some bold designs to keep things fresh.

In reality most of us men want to keep things simple. We want to know what we should wear and where we can go to achieve that look. So without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the top wedding suit ideas for 2019 – all of which can be achieved with the likes of Skopes suits for men.

Blue is the colour…

Navy blue suits are definitely de rigueur this year and especially if the wedding party is going to be in the evening. You can almost imagine you are dressing for a cocktail party and a strong, dark but bold navy blue suit paired with a white shirt and burgundy tie is a stunning classic, but unflinching look that will earn you many admirers come the big day, whether you are looking to make an impression with a particular lady or just look your best for your friends or family. Don’t forget the pocket square or handkerchief. This can match your burgundy tie for a striking look, or the white of your shirt for a more classic, conservative (but also effective) approach. This look can be finished off to great effect with some mid-brown, quality leather shoes – so really gives you the perfect excuse to look at this part of your wardrobe with fresh, critical eyes too.

Less formal

For more casual dress code weddings, don’t let this put you off the suit as there are some excellent and on point options here for 2019 as well. You can look at the less classic colours, like silver and linen blend stone suits for such events and you have the option here of leaving out the tie, but all suits look better with one, so do make the effort. You can look to be a little more adventurous with your choice of shirt – solids or patterns are equally acceptable here.

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