Mens Business Suit Styles for 2019

Times change, fashions wax and wane, trends come and go, ephemeral and capricious, but one universal truth remains: the business suit is the cornerstone of male fashion.

While trends move more slowly in the business world and certain classic styles are probably destined to outlive us all, there are shifts, some subtle others less so, that are well worth keeping on top of to ensure you are looking your best in those all-important meetings.

Out with the old (to an extent)

The first rule of men’s business attire is that there is no rule for men’s business attire. Not quite, but now, in 2019 more than ever there is room to express yourself when it comes to dressing to impress in either a 3 button suit or jeans and t-shirt. This is a double edged sword, because more room for manoeuvre means two things. One, you have more possibilities to nail your look and two, you have way more chance of getting things horribly wrong. Let’s take a look at why that is and how you can make sure you use the newfound freedoms to your advantage.

Different offices require different approaches

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This article, in dealing with mens business suits bypasses that creative office look, but there’s not much complex there, a quality pair of jeans, some smart shoes, a t-shirt with a cool graphic and a linen jacket – possibly navy is all you need to know for that one. There are gradients of creative office where, but this is the staple.

If you are working in an office where it’s predominantly smart, with room for manoeuvre then you need to be looking at a suit with a polo or smart casual shirt that gives the impression of cool, comfortable and sophisticated. You can eschew the tie and pocket handkerchief, but that doesn’t mean you can just relax the rest of your attire – in fact it’s quite the opposite.

Give your shoe wardrobe an overhaul with some well-polished light brown dress (leather or vegan substitute) boots or shoes, go all out on sleek, elegant modern style with a dark navy blazer and trousers and darkish grey is the best way to complement this with a quality polo shirt.

Of course some office environments or business occasions don’t allow for quite as much wiggle room for self-expression outside the traditional. The good news here is that navy blues and greys also rule in 2019 in the traditional office environment. High percentage wool blend suits are definitely the way to go in 2019, helping you to cope with the changeable weather conditions – both hot and cold – while coming in wrinkle resistant models, great for today’s fast-paced world.

In terms of fit, slim-fitting suits are in, but you do require a fairly in-shape body to get away with one. For those of us to whom the gym is anathema, a relaxed but never baggy or American fit is the way to go. Lastly, remember that the old rules about buttons still apply…

2 button suit rules:

  • top button fastened when standing
  • top button unfastened when seated
  • never fasten the bottom button

1 button suit rules:

  • fastened when standing
  • unfastened when seated

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