Sleepwear – the new office suits for the home worker!

We’ve all had that dream when we get all the way into work and on entering the office realize just as it is too late that we’re still in our pyjamas, much to the delight and howls of derision of our colleagues, right?

Well, with most of us currently ‘working’ from home, unless you are one of those that dresses up for the cup final you’ve dragged your team of no hopers to in Football Manager, chances are your office wear remains firmly in the wardrobe! But just because you’re not dressing to impress it does not mean you should not derive some comfort and pleasure from your home office attire and more importantly, you’ve finally got the opportunity to make some comfortable sleepwear your actual workwear! Just don’t forget to get changed before that conference call (or angle the camera so you only offer a head shot!).

If ever there was a perfect time to treat yourself to some new sleepwear, whether in the form of a snazzy new pair of pyjamas or a dressing gown that offers warmth and hygge (a wonderful Danish word meaning a mood of cosiness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment!), or a sleeker dressing gown that gives you the feeling you’re the Godfather of your own house, complete with smoking jacket, that time is now!

Luckily for you, Suitsmen have you well and truly covered, with a range of sleepwear to fulfil all of your possible criteria. If you’re worried about advice that working in your pyjamas can be counter-productive, this is only because of the benefits of getting showered, feeling fresh and invigorated before you begin your day, but of course there is an easy solution to this. Why not sleep in one pair of pyjamas, have a nice refreshing shower and then change into a fresh, crisp clean pair, accompanied by a dressing gown to sit down at your desk with a hot pot of invigorating coffee and get your work from home done in easy style?

With this in mind and with summer around the corner, you should be looking for fresh feeling pyjamas and dressing gowns that are light, breezy and comfortable. This 100% cotton, no crease dressing gown from Bown of London, complete with belt and deep pockets (perfect for smuggling snacks into your study) will tick all those boxes and also feels very elegant. You’ll absolutely feel like the loungewear king of the office, while remaining cool all summer in this. You can pair this stunning dressing gown with any number of pyjama options, but these 100% cotton beauties will be perfect for the warmer weeks and possibly months ahead, working (and lounging) from home. With an array of patterns and colours to suit all tastes, you’ll be in your element and can pick up a couple of options to stay fresh, both literally and metaphorically throughout your period of stay at home working, no matter how long it’s going to last.

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