What to Wear to the Races

First things first, when it comes to a top tip for racing attire you cannot imagine the brownie points that you, as a man, could earn by packing a pair of stunning, stylish foldable shoes for your partner, to save her from heel pain halfway through the day.

There are so many designs to choose from, so pairing them with the dress she’s picked out and asked your opinion on will not be an issue. Just get her size and get ordering the perfect race-wear hack!

Now, moving on to the main event and what you, yourself can get to make you not only feel a million dollars, but hopefully win a slice of that too! Of course, you’ll want to be looking at a smart suit – anything different, no matter how great you think you’ll look, you should probably leave to rock stars and footballers. The trick with picking out a suit for the racing season is that you don’t want to look like you’re dressed for a day in the office, which does, looking at the positives, probably give you the excuse not only to go shopping for a smart new suit, but also to venture outside your usual comfort zone.

Fortunately there are some key things to look out for in order to distinguish yourself from an office clone on the big day. Within the monochrome suit world there are many excellent and super stylish options that will, accompanied with the right accessories, shirt and shoes give you the edge come race day. Checked grey suits can look spectacular. Worn well-fitted with a high quality white shirt, thick salmon pink tie and a nice pocket square, with a matching waistcoat and maybe even a pocket watch, you’ll be riding high on the sort of vintage wave popularised by TV shows like Peaky Blinders, a series that heavily features racing of course. The other great option for the races is a tweed suit. Tweed has a long association with horse racing and there are some great options, complete with tweed waistcoat that will look equally stunning with the same accoutrements as the grey checked suit, although make sure that you match the tie and pocket square accordingly. Don’t be afraid of contrasts, only clashes.

Don’t miss the chance to dust off your prized cufflinks – perhaps you inherited some or maybe even collect them, either way the way to wear either of these suits will leave a little smidgeon of shirt exposed (a slice of cuff) so you can show off your cufflinks with pride. If you haven’t got any special ones, there are so many great designs on the market, but for a great, vintage look you can have a browse on eBay or even in your local pawnbrokers or antique jewellery shop.

Finally, and to return full circle, let’s address the shoes. For the races it’s simple. A smart pair of Oxford’s or Derbies. If your suit colour allows for it, go for a sumptuous shade of brown. If not black. Easy.

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