10 Tips for Buying a New Suit

1: Get a suit that suits your body type

If there is any one tip that men need to consider when looking for a new suit is to understand what it is that makes a suit, well, suitable for their body type. Remember to be honest here. If you are a larger man, then you need a large men’s suit.

But what does that mean? The temptation has always been to wear baggier, larger suits, but in fact the opposite is true. You need a well-tailored suit that uses less, not more material. The trimmest suit that you can comfortably wear, should be the mantra here. Well-tailored suits should be the aim for all body types. Shorter men can opt for slightly longer sleeves as well as a slit pocket with no flaps and less cluttered detail.

2: If you can rock it, go with a three buttoned suit

The three-button suit may seem a tad traditional, but it still remains the suit of choice especially for lean, athletic builds. The look is more professional as you always button the centre and usually the top button too, but never the bottom one. You are able to look more formal and professional, which is very useful for business suits in particular. 3 button suits will also provide a more balanced look for the taller man – you just need a slightly longer jacket.

3: Machine washable for convenience and quality? Yes, really!

Machine washable suits might be scoffed at by the type of people who would turn their noses up at a screw top bottle of wine, in spite of the evidence that quality is not impaired, but there really are some fantastic machine washable suits, with no compromise on quality. There are Italian 100% wool suits that come with special bags for the machine, so that says it all.

4: Keep it simple

If at all in doubt, the best piece of advice when buying a new suit is to avoid unnecessary embellishments. Versatility will be useful to you going forward.

5: Think fabric

Choosing the fabric is key when it comes to buying a new suit. Again, you may want versatility – in which case a lightweight worsted wool may be the best option for coolth in summer and warmth in winter.

6: To pad, or not to pad?

Shoulder padding may seem rather Dallas, but it remains a powerful option for a business suit. It’s not for everyone or every occasion however and avoiding padding is recommended for versatility and summer wearing.

7: Choosing the lapel type

Slim notch lapels will be the right choice for most people looking to play safe, but broader lapels can make a bit more of a statement.

8: Get the right shirt

No suit is complete without the right dress shirt and while blues, pinks and lavenders can work, nothing beats a classic white shirt of premium quality. It is also worth ensuring you choose a turn-down collar in a medium spread or a point.

9: Oxfords, not brogues

Colin Firth in The Kingsmen had it right when he said this. Oxfords will be the right shoe choice for most formal suits.

10: Customise the buttons

Over-accessorising is not to be recommended, but a simple way of pimping your suit is to add customised buttons like some classic mother of pearl numbers. A little detail like this can make all the difference.

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