How to choose the right suit

We’re constantly being told that we must adjust to the “new normal”. This virus and the restrictions it has led to are not going away in a hurry. But, with many of us going back to the office, or at least having more business interactions, whether virtual or in person, that “new normal” doesn’t mean going back to old habits good and  bad.

Perhaps one way to ameliorate the negatives of adjusting to the way things have changed is to pour yourself into revitalising your formalwear. After all if you look good, you’ll feel good and that will only lead to improved performance and enhanced credibility amongst your peers and clients.


In fashion things tend to move fairly swiftly and a lockdown and global pandemic may have changed the speed of flux slightly, but still things have changed. The main difference has seen a shift towards bolder and more expressive colours and tones and even a move towards double-breasted patterns. In a changing world and especially in the light of recent documentaries like Attenborough’s incendiary Extinction: The Facts consumers are looking for sustainable and environmentally sound fabrics and productions, so shopping local and sourcing British made garments is seeing something of a renaissance. It is also true that when recessions hit, people look for quality over cost-cutting as they want to buy something that will last – which also ties in with the environmental element. So look for quality, sustainable fabrics. Linen – especially organically grown European linen is seeing a growth, which is in part due to the growth in the number of vegans and environmentally aware individuals, looking to move away from other fabrics.

Shapes and designs

When it comes to shapes and suits you should be looking to slim fitting suits if you have a moderate to slim build. Take advantage of that weight you’ve shed by increasing your exercise during lockdown and get a perfect slim-fitting suit. In order to perfect the look, the suit’s shoulders should sit right on the end of your shoulder blades and the trousers just on top of your shoes. Larger gentlemen should still look to go slimmer rather than baggier, but a tailored or made to measure suit could do wonders for your look. Getting your first made to measure suit is an absolute dream and can do wonders for your self-esteem and overall look. In terms of designs, as previously mentioned the double-breasted suit is well and truly de rigueur – exemplified by its status as star of this year’s Boss Milan fashion show.  This is a great option as you can make it work for all body types by subtly adjusting things. For shorter men a tad shorter jacket with a trimmed waist will do wonders, while tall men should opt for a longer jacket.

Mixing and matching can work!

There’s never been a better time to go bold. Grabbing elements from different suits and formal wear and creating bold, vibrant pairings can be an excellent way to keep things fresh. This can even apply to shapes and cuts, with slim fit jackets looking great with normal fit trousers. It’s these subtle changes that can make all the difference.

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