A Colour and Style Guide to Men’s Suits

As summer is now in full swing, insofar as two hot days in a row – well, it is Britain after all – it is time to consider revamping that suit selection that you’ve been meaning to address for a while. However, buying new suits is something of a minefield that involves careful navigation as styles and colour trends can be as fluid as anything in the fashion world. Over the past decade or so, slim-fitting suits including Skopes suits have been all the slim fitting blue suitrage, but slowly but surely over the past year and a half or so, this trend has started to reverse, meaning that we can all exhale a little and ease off on the quinoa salad lunch options! So, in terms of style, we recommend what’s become known as ‘the modern fit’ – in between classic and slim fits. Such a style is perfect for sharp-lookers who want to escape the confines of a slim fit suit.

Shoes are also an important part of a suit and care needs to be taken to get the style and colour to match. If you have small, long or wide feet then finding the right shoe can be difficult. Here are a few places that you might find helpful:

Buy men’s DB shoes in a range of styles from Wide Fit Shoes.

Big Shoes for men – https://www.bigshoes.com/

In terms of colours, there are different options that each have quite a distinct purpose and believe it or not this is not such common knowledge and is definitely worth reiterating here so that you can prioritise each colour suit according to your needs and requirements. A suit range that comes in most of the popular colours mentioned later in this post is The Label Suits where you will find quality mens suits in black, grey, blue and charcoal. Some go up to size 60 chest so are suitable for plus size mens suits.

Essentially we can limit the options to four key colours and assign each one a purpose. To this end, the following is a very useful guide.

  1. Grey: Modern look.

Grey suits are equal parts traditional and contemporary, classy and restrained and perfect for everyday wear for the modern man. The Palmer Commuter Skopes Suit in grey is very popular. It has certainly usurped black as the go-to colour for fashion conscious professional men and if you’re thinking of splashing out on your number one, everyday suit for office or business use, then grey should be your top choice. Look out for charcoal grey in particular as this nuance adds extra style credit to your account!

  1. Navy Blue: Sophisticated and relaxed.

Rather than opt for black as a safe bet for your second suit, let’s look at navy blue first because it fulfils rather different criteria than grey or black. It affords the wearer a calm, relaxed and yet undoubtedly sophisticated look and when paired with a nice, moderately extravagant pair of Oxford shoes there’s more than a whiff of the ‘gentlemen’ about the outfit. Navy blue suits also offer the wearer the flexibility of retaining the jacket for a blazer and pairing it with a pair of casual trousers or smart jeans for that in-between / smart casual look. Over in the USA, navy blue probably pips grey as the most popular number one suit choice right now, so given time it may turn out that way this side of the pond too.

  1. Men in Black

Now, without wishing to be in any way ageist here, there is nobody who wears a black suit better than a so-called ‘silver fox’! There’s just something about the grey hair/black suit combo that fits like a glove. Black is not just for the more mature gentleman, however and despite its reputation as funereal, it is also perfect for slightly more formal meetings and special occasions alike.

  1. Beige or Tan

There’s often confusion over beige or tan and whether they are the same, but for this article’s purpose they can be considered under the same category – namely the perfect summer suit. You’ll have plenty of choice, whether linen or cotton and beige provides an excellent counterbalance to a white shirt and it makes you feel cool, no matter the weather. A light blue or pale pink shirt can also work wonders with a beige suit.

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