Men’s Style Tips for 2016

While it is always difficult to provide an inclusive breakdown of what is ‘in’ for a given year, taking into consideration all of the diversity in people’s tastes and style preferences, there are some universally applicable tips that all men would do will to consider for 2016 as we move towards summer.

The return of the pleat

Skopes Titan Trousers
Skopes Titan Trousers

The much maligned and controversial wardrobe item – pleated trousers are back in a big way. We’ve endured more than 10 years of flat-fronted ultra slim leg wear in men’s fashion and so the return of the freeing pleated trouser is likely to be welcome news for anyone who prefers to have some airflow down there! You only need to peruse the multitude of gathered waistlines displayed at summer 2016 menswear shows across Europe by all sorts of designers to see the evidence of this. Therefore a couple of pairs of smart casual pleated trousers, especially in various shades of blue would be a wise addition for any man in 2016.

Mandarin collar shirts

The history of Mandarin collar shirts is fascinating. They have their roots in the Qing Empire and especially the aftermath of their victory over the Han Empire. After this, the people took to adopting the style of the victors, hence the Mandarin collar grew in stature. A Mandarin collar is an upright collar style with no flap. It is typical for Mandarin collar dress shirts to begin around the neckline and rise 2-5 centimetres. 2015 and 2016 have seen a renaissance of sorts and the likes of snappy dresser P. Diddy have been seen rocking the Mandarin collar. It allows the wearer to dress in an elegant business suit, but add a touch of the casual. In addition, Mandarin collar dress shirts can be paired with an upmarket pair of jeans and a sports jacket for a Sunday lunch. One of the best advantages of the Mandarin collar come summer time is that no tie is required! White shirts and grey suits are a match made in heaven and for a more formal occasion this is a great way to wear the Mandarin collar shirt.

Business suits

Perhaps the overriding tip for 2016 in men’s business suits is that things are loosening up somewhat. You can go for that after work beer without panicking that tomorrow you’ll struggle to squeeze into that slim fitting Skopes suit. To save on laundry costs machine washable suits allow you to do exactly what it says on the tin! Now forget any thoughts about a return to the baggy suit days of the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, because we’re talking in relative terms here, but it is the beginning of a reversal. In addition 2016 has seen greys dominate (go back to that P. Diddy photo for an example). Every man looking to invest in a new suit would be wise to consider a shade of grey and if you look through your wardrobe to find a good pair of wearable grey suits then perhaps it is time to opt for a fresh blue shade to bring a splash of colour to the rest of your year.

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